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Latvia is located between Lithuania and Estonia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The summer coast of the country in the summer becomes the main resting place for Latvians, as well as numerous tourists from Europe and other parts of the world. Some wellness centers are located here, where with the help of water procedures and a medical microclimate, you can strengthen your body. In other seasons of the year, Latvia offers vacationers to see the historical sights of the country, including castles and palaces, churches and cathedrals, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Riga. There are tourist sites that will interest anyone. If you want to enjoy nature - there is a calm Gulf of Riga, and the open Baltic Sea, and natural parks, and fast rivers, and lakes, on the banks of which vast forests have been preserved. For tourists interested in history, medieval castles and culture are of interest. If you want to combine entertainment with the acquisition of new knowledge, you can visit Old Riga, where you will find not only wonderful architectural monuments, but also a wide variety of clubs and taverns. There are beautiful churches in Latvia - both ancient and modern. We offer extensive opportunities for healing and outdoor activities. And, of course, going to Latvia, do not forget to take an interest in the events planned for this time! You can enjoy both traditional Latvian festivals and the most diverse cultural and recreational activities that continue throughout the year.

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